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Administrator-focused walkthroughs for getting the most out of GradeCam.

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2021 Fall, Smart Sessions

Equity Focused Learning Analysis

Learn how to add demographic data to your data analysis options and configure reports for downloading.

2021 Fall, Smart Sessions

Prepare for PLCs and Reflections on Learning

Prepare for PLC conversations and data analysis by setting up performance bands, teacher groups, and class groups prior to administering common assessments. Our Customer Success Coaches suggest best practices and pass along lessons learned from our GradeCam community about how to get the most out of your PLCs.

2021 Fall, Smart Sessions

Grading For Learning

Learn how to create formative and summative assignments that allow for analysis and feedback around skills. Our Customer Success Coaches demonstrate how to link standards to assignments, create performance bands for analysis, and allow for grade transfer to your gradebook with any grading scale.

2021 Fall, Smart Sessions

Roster Readiness

Our Director of Support will guide you through how to prepare to sync, import, or manually add your rosters. Learn how to manage roles and adjust permissions for users too. Find out how to use audit logs to troubleshoot.

2020-2021, Smart Sessions

Prepping Your GradeCam Account for EOY

End-of-year is the perfect time to organize and prepare your GradeCam account for continued success. Get expert advice from our Director of Support about how to efficiently close out the 2020-2021 school year and/or get ready for Summer School. Attendees will walk away with a helpful & shareable checklist.

2020-2021, Smart Sessions

Support at Every Stage

Meet GradeCam’s Customer Success team and learn more about our new Support at Every Stage initiative. Attendees will walk away knowing how to schedule a consultation with a GradeCam Customer Success Coach, and how to access free online training and resources like GradeCam’s new Evidence-Based Education Library.

2020-2021, Smart Sessions

Account Settings for Standards-Based Grading and Reporting

Learn how to easily manage settings within your account to track student progress and achievement with custom and existing standards-based scoring, reporting, and grade transfer.

2020-2021, Smart Sessions

Manually Adding Staff To Your Account

Learn how to add staff to your account who were not not part of your import (ex. an instructional coach who doesn’t have classes).

2020-2021, Smart Sessions

Student Portal Walk-Through

Explore options for successfully managing hybrid environments with assessments online, on paper, or both, while keeping your data together.

2020-2021, Smart Sessions

Teacher Permissions

Learn how to set teacher permissions for your entire school or district, and how to allow teachers to opt-in to beta testing.

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Student Portal - Hybrid Learning

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