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September, 2023

Discover What’s New in Gradient: Back to School Edition

Get an exclusive sneak peek into the new features developed over the summer, designed to streamline your workflow, support school-wide assessment practices, and promote data-driven instruction. Whether you are a seasoned Gradient user or new to our platform, this webinar is not to be missed. Discover how Gradient can revolutionize your assessment strategies and set you up for a successful back-to-school experience.

June, 2022

Explore Gradient Data & Reports

Discover ways to analyze data from the school, class, and student levels. Our Customer Experience Team will guide you through how to configure reports to review data for different views and get what you need.

June, 2022

Summer Product Release

Review the 2023 releases and get a sneak peek into what’s ahead. Our Product Team will highlight our most popular features this year, our product partner projects, and the upcoming roadmap.

June, 2022

End of Year Wrap Up

Learn how to close out the school year with Gradient. Our Customer Experience Team will walk you through verifying the Academic Year and term settings, managing users, and cleaning up your assignment list.

June, 2022

Get Creative with Assignments

Discover ways teachers are getting creative with assignments. Our Customer Experience Team will highlight formative assessment strategies, time-saving tips, and student feedback options.

June, 2022

Do More than Multiple Choice

Discover ways to promote using Gradient beyond the typical multiple-choice test. Our Customer Experience Team will highlight resources and strategies for assessing differently.

June, 2022

Winter Product Release & Roadmap Update

Preview our 2023 Product Roadmap. Our Product Team will highlight the feedback we’ve collected, opportunities for product partnering, and the new features you might have missed.

June, 2022

Lead with Usage & Prepare for Next Term

Discover how to review school and staff usage of Gradient. Our Customer Experience Team will guide you through how to find the bright spots for usage as well as prepare your account for the next term.