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Newsletter Archive


End-Of-Year Reminders

Dive into how to utilize versions and variations for end-of-year assessments, provide an essential admin end-of-year checklist, and share exciting news about our new Student by Question (BETA) report. Stay informed and make the most of these updates to enhance your end-of-year processes.


New Tips & Features

See what new features await for teachers and leaders in this quarter's Gradient Gazette. From data visibility tips to the newly released Math Equation Response question type, there's a lot to explore!

FALL 2023

Back to School! Back to Gradient!

Say goodbye to tedious hours spent on manual grading, and hello to efficiency and tailored instruction. Together, let's unleash the learning potential in your classroom!


Empower Students and Teachers with Better Data

Boost student learning and teacher performance with Gradient! Data is your guiding compass; it empowers schools to make tailored decisions, facilitating better learning experiences for each student.

JUNE 2023

Summer Product Updates

Discover the product updates coming to Gradient this summer season, including Canvas and Schoology Integration upgrades, new PLC team functionality, and teacher features such as sharing multiple assignments and math equation response options.

MAY 2023

End of Year Wrap Up

Prepare for the end of a school year and set up for the next year with success. Understand important rostering changes and products updates.

APRIL 2023

Explore Data & Reports

Dive into data with Gradient reports at the school, teacher, class, and student level. Get questions answered, find what’s working, address gaps, and give students the feedback they need to take the next right step in their learning.

MARCH 2023

Get Creative with Assignments

Are you a long time GradeCam fan and want to mix it up or maybe a newbie looking to see what’s possible? Discover tips for ways teachers get creative with Gradient Assignment Types to save time and collect better data about student learning.


Do More than Multiple Choice

Go beyond multiple-choice to measure and give feedback about student learning. This month's newsletter focuses on exploring question types and strategies for developing assessments for different learning situations.


Resources for the Next Term

Get caught up or explore something new with the FREE self-guided and on-demand training resources. Take your Gradient use to the next level and save time!